Sunday Fun Tournament August 2012

Sunday, 5th August 2012

We had another big turnout on Sunday 5th August with 37 players including 2 over JCL 800. Here are the list of prizewinners below. Thanks to everyone for taking part, and to Alana and Per once again for an excellent arbiting job.

1st Place - Kashish Christian (6/7)
2nd Place - Linus Cooper (6/7)
3rd Place - Peter Boylan (5.5/7)

Best 11 and Under - George Bai (5/7)
Best 8 and Under - Harry Wu (3/7)
Best Under 400 JCL - Timothy Li (3/7)

Encouragement Awards - Timothy Leong (4/7 and Best Unrated Player) and Angela Huang (4.5/7 only lost to top two seeds)

The full standings and crosstable can be downloaded from the link below. Our next Sunday Fun Tournament will be held on Sunday 9th September - see more info here.

Also don't forget the Inner West Chess Challenge 11 coming up soon on Tuesday 25th September!

Download Results: