Sydney Chess Club (Adult Chess Club)


What happens at the chess club: 

The Sydney Chess Club is open to all players (adults and juniors) and the club houses players of all levels (beginners all the way to Masters).  Each week chess players meet for regular competitive chess and/or social chess.  We run a variety of both Internationally (FIDE) and Nationally (ACF) rated tournaments with time controls to suit all players (Lightning/Rapid/Classical).  From May, the last Monday of each month will be a Blitz tournament (5min, no increment).  There are also fun tournaments such as Fischer Random, Thematic Positions/Gambits, and Handicapped.  Additionally, from time to time we host IMs/GMs who provide a Chess Masterclass, designed on helping all players improve their game.
The Sydney Chess Club is a great place to improve your Chess for many reasons:

  • You will regularly be playing at or above your current level
  • Players regularly share tips and ideas in post-game analysis
  • Players are happy to answer questions and give recommendations on how to improve your game
  • Thematic Position/Gambit tournaments comes with a free 5 minute lecture on each Position/Gambit with the sole aim of broadening a player's repertoire and knowledge of the game.
Who can attend: 

The Sydney Chess Club is open to all players (juniors and adults) at all levels; however it is highly recommended that juniors obtain a 400 JCL at minimum before joining.


Sydney Academy of Chess
Level 1, 30a George St, Burwood NSW


Annual Membership = $20

To pay for Annual Membership, please go to
enter the code D5YZ45YVRG and follow the prompts to make a credit card payment.

Tournament Fee = $10 for members / $15 for non members

Payable by cash on the night.


For all further enquiries, please call us on (02) 9745 1170.