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202 Checkmates for Children
202 fun and challenging puzzles for the budding chess superstar! Packed with 100 one-move checkmates and 102 two-move mates, 202 Checkmates for Children will provide your child with hours of entertainment and valuable instruction. Perfect for the classroom or the living room.  This exciting workbook will sharpen not only your child's chess play, but also his or her problem-solving skills.
40 Lessons for the Club Player
In this follow-up to “From Beginner To Expert in 40 Lessons”, Aleksander Kostyev concentrates on the challenges of practical play.  It is ideally suited for the club and tournament player who has reached a certain standard and wishes to improve his or her game.  The material is equally suitable for the curriculum of a chess course run by a strong player or for self-instruction.   A number of... read more
7 Steps to Better Chess
The quick and easy guide that shows players how to take their game to the next level and become a winner! Players of all levels learn how to improve their chess play by cutting down on tactical and strategic mistakes. Using examples from his own games, FIDE Master Eric Schiller illustrates the types of errors typically found at each stage of chess development, from early scholastic games to... read more
Exploration in Chess Beauty by IM Andras Toth
This book, written by International Master Andras Toth, contains various themes and combinations which demonstrate the aesthetic beauty of chess, with many examples of composed studies and practical games.  For advanced players.
Beginning Chess
Make the first move with National Master Bruce Pandolfini in this accessible guide for beginner players.  Pandolfini has taught the game of chess to hundreds of players of all ages and levels.  "Beginning Chess" is his collection of lessons for newcomers.  What makes this book different from others of its kind is its simplicity. Every problem can be answered in one move, and no problem requires... read more
Bobby Fischer: From Chess Genius To Legend
Co-authored by Eduard Gufeld, Mike Morris, Carlos Almarza-Mato, Wolfgang Unzicker.  Chess myths are demolished. You will find out what it is like to play the kingpin of chess. The "Troubled Genius" is essayed in new articles, new photos, and a perspective which has seldom been described as the reader discovers why Bobby Fischer still fascinates us, through thick and thin. 
Checkmate For Children
Beginners of all ages will win more games after studying this easy-to-follow book. Experienced chess coach Kevin Stark explains elementary mating patterns in all the important positions and provides many tests to see if you have really mastered the technique.  This isn't another random collection of puzzles, but a systematic course that teaches you how to checkmate your opponent.  This book makes... read more
Chess Endgames For Kids
German Grandmaster Karsten Muller is one of the foremost writers on the topic of chess endgames.  In this book, he highlights 50 essential endgame themes and presents them in a logical format, starting with the most elementary checkmate with one or two pieces, and moving on to sophisticated techniques and manoeuvres, making the lessons suitable for all level of players. Many chess games are... read more
Chess For Children
This comprehensive beginner's book has been specially written for the 8-12 age group. Through simple text, diagrams and lively illustrations, Chess for Children explains the aims, rules, tactics and winning moves of this timeless game.
Chess For Children
A delightful book aimed at teaching children the basics of chess, including tales from witty cartoon characters and interactive puzzles for the reader to solve. Even children as young as five years old can quickly learn the rules of chess from this book, and can start out-witting their friends and relatives.
Chess For Dummies
Featuring over 350 chess diagrams, Chess For Dummies lays out the tried and true tips for avoiding chess tricks and traps.  Written by US Chess Federation master James Eade, this comprehensive book gives step-by-step explanations, from using the correct terminology to the art of attack, helping to demystify the game.
Chess for Juniors
Robert Snyder, national chess master and noted teacher, introduces this timeless game to the young beginner.  Snyder teaches the basic principles and then builds on students’ knowledge, giving clear instructions on how to choose and employ opening, middle and endgame strategies to win.  In 20 graduated lessons, with over 275 diagrams, Chess for Juniors covers basic rules, check, checkmate and... read more
Chess For Zebras
Jonathan Rowson looks at why it's so difficult for certain players to improve, which mental attitudes are needed for good moves and he explores whether it makes a difference playing Black or White.  
Chess is Child's Play
Chess is Child's Play is a book written by parents, for parents. Chess is one of the oldest strategy games known to man. Studies show that children who learn chess at an early age gain such valuable life skills as: Problem-solving ability, improved patience and focus, enhanced imagination and greater self-confidence. Chess educators Laura Sherman and Bill Kilpatrick have created an easy, step-by-... read more
Chess Kaleidoscope
World Champion Anatoly Karpov has collaborated with Mathematician and Chess Journalist Yevgeny Gik to produce an instructive and entertaining book, which should satisfy the demand both of chess enthusiasts and of serious players. 
Chess Nuts
Jackson is sporty and popular.  He's not the type to join the chess squad, and Anna doesn't want him there.  A lighthearted novel for children about the game of chess. 
Chess Openings For Kids
This book is for chess-players of all ages and abilities, and teaches the names and starting moves of all the main chess openings, as well as their basic ideas. Beginners will learn different setups to develop their pieces harmoniously, and more advanced players will discover how they can implement many beautiful and surprising tactical and strategic themes into their games.  There are numerous... read more
Chess Openings: Traps and Zaps
In the first completely instructional book ever written on chess openings, National Master Bruce Pandolfini teaches players how to take charge of the game's crucial opening phase. Of the three traditional phases of chess play -- the opening, the middle-game and the endgame -- the opening is the phase average players confront most often. Unfortunately, though, many openings are not completed... read more
Chess Praxis
This classic by Aron Nimzowitsch is one of the best selling and most instructive chess books of all time and is the companion volume to MY SYSTEM.  This is the fullest exposition of Nimzowitsch's new analysis and theories, and it is beyond question one of the dozen most important books ever written on chess.  The development of the author’s ideas is both rich and extremely clear.  Each possible... read more
Chess Puzzles For Kids
"Chess Puzzles For Kids" contains 100 fun positions to solve, graded in order from gentle and encouragingly easy, to brain-bustingly hard.  Every puzzle is categorised into a theme, and is preceded by an instructive example, demonstrating an important pattern. This book quickly enables children to learn many new skills and concepts, and to apply them through practicing the many examples and... read more
Chess Tactics For Kids
The positions illustrated in this book are all from real chess games, and show the 50 Tricky Tactics that experienced chess masters use to win tournament games. Beginners will benefit from a clear explanation of basic chess tactical patterns, such as how to use a fork, pin or skewer.  Advanced players will enjoy playing through the many devious tactical combinations, some of which are classified... read more
Chess Tips for the Improving Player
Chess Tips for the Improving Player gives practical advice for club players who want to take the next step towards chess mastery.  Amatzia Avni's approach is far more creative than the usual tips such as “develop your pieces” and “control the centre”.  Avni is a trained psychologist who looks at life from an unusual angle.  Instead of repeating clichés seen before in countless books, he... read more
Chess Training For Budding Champions
Many chessplayers find it difficult to improve their game beyond a certain level. They can see basic tactics, know a little about openings and can calculate a few moves ahead. However, so do their opponents. What is the next level, how does one get there? This book is aimed at chessplayers who have progressed beyond beginner level and have acquired the basic skills required to play at club level... read more
Chess Under the Microscope
In this major work, Paul Motwani, the author of the critically acclaimed “H.O.T. Chess”, looks in-depth at key aspects of chess.  His witty style will not only amuse but will instruct the reader by providing memorable insights into chess secrets.  The many well-annotated, exciting, attacking games are instructive model examples which have been carefully chosen to increase the chess knowledge,... read more
Chess World Championships
This tome by James H. Gelo contains every move (standard international algebraic notation) of every game played in world championship competition, including all official titles since 1886 and all decisive matches by the world's leading players for the 50 years prior to that date. A diagram of the critical or most interesting moment accompanies every game.   
Endgame Challenge
This book by John Hall offers a fun and dynamic approach to rapid improvement in endgame skill.  Everything the chess players needs to know about endgames will be found in this book, it contains over 450 examples of all types of endings that the player might encounter.  Repetition is the key to learning these endings and by the time you have been through all the examples you will know more about... read more
Garri Kasparov
This book by International Master and eminent theorist of chess Mikhail Yudovich tells how Kasparov's chess career began and traces the stages of his creative growth - from children's competitions up to his struggle for the World Chess Title. Yudovich has annotated about a hundred best games of the youngest ever World Champion and has also used the analysis of Kasparov himself and of other... read more
Gary Kasparov's Best Games
International Grandmaster Raymond Keene's book profiles Gary Kasparov, and gathers twelve of his best games, including the final game of the 1985 World Championship.  The twelve games selected have been chosen primarily for their instructive qualities, and are of great value to players of all standards.
H.O.T. Chess
Highly Original Thinking is Paul Motwani's description of the approach he advocates for chess thinking. He explains how, using this concept, the player is able to come to a more useful, objective assessment of positions, and even seize upon the opponent's psychological weaknesses. This book contains annotated games, with descriptions of thought processes used to illustrate this approach to chess... read more
How To Beat Your Dad At Chess
"How To Beat Your Dad In Chess" is presented in a clear, easy-to-follow format, which explains how to defeat a stronger opponent, by demonstrating 50 Deadly Checkmates, which chess masters use to win their games. Beginners will learn many new ideas and be able to follow the examples, enjoying the tactical skills needed to make attacks, combinations and sacrifices with success.  Advanced players... read more
Learn Chess
Assuming no prior chess knowledge, this book from highly renowned author and Grandmaster John Nunn contains everything you need to know in order to become a successful chess-player. "Learn Chess" takes a step-by-step approach and contains topics such as winning your first games, how to win material, attacking play, and describes all the phases of a chess game.
More Chess Openings: Traps and Zaps 2
The opening is one of the most important parts of the chess game.  Weaken your pawns by mistake, and they're taken.  Attack wildly and haphazardly, and your pieces are picked off. Misuse your queen, and it's trapped. Carelessly neglect development, and you're mated. You've scarcely begun, and the game is over. Fortunately, National Master Bruce Pandolfini's More Chess Openings: Traps and Zaps 2... read more
My 60 Memorable Games
In this book, published by Simon and Schuster in 1969 but reissued, Bobby Fischer analyzes his most important and representative games. He shows the strategic considerations, the tactics, and sometimes the blunders, that occur during the pressure of tournament play. He assesses his opponents’ thinking as well. Each game has, in addition to Fischer's own annotations, an analytical introduction by... read more
My System
From Grandmaster to beginner, every chess player will learn as they read and re-read this classic book by Aron Nimzowitsch.  This new algebraic version of this treasure of positional chess, edited for modern times and is loaded with 419 diagrams.  This edition makes the "classic" book easier than ever before. 
Popular Chess Variants
Pritchard's book introduces the reader to some challenging alternatives to traditional chess.  The majority of games discussed involve standard pieces.  In addition there are a few examples using Chinese (Xiangqi), Japanese (Shogi) and four-handed chess sets.  There is a widening interest in chess variants, with major tournaments held in Germany and Georgia.  This book helps to set the scene for... read more
Poster (piece movements)
Poster which displays the piece movements (both in words and pictorially) of the chess pieces, as well as the basic rules of chess
Queen of the Kings Game
Susan (Zsuzsa) Polgar of Hungary was at 15 the highest-rated femail chess player in the world.  Not only about chess, this book is the story of a young girl who fought a war against powerful enemies and managed to go where no other woman has gone before.  Co-author and husband Jacob Shutzman, accompanied her at every step on the road to the crown and that personal involvement adds a special... read more
Sokolov's Best Games
One of the best ways to improve is to study the games of a top Grandmaster, and Ivan Sokolov's uncompromising style and tactical flair make him a perfect role model. In this book, Sokolov demonstrates the deadly effectiveness of his systems against openings such as the Nimzo-Indian, Queen's Gambit, Slav and King's Indian. The book contains 50 deeply annotated games with introductions and includes... read more
Square One
From ever-popular instructor Bruce Pandolfini comes this entertaining, interactive and effective book for teaching young chessplayers  and other newcomers to the game.  Filled with hundreds of questions and answers, fill-in-the-blanks, and true-or-false posers, Square One combines traditional chess drills with diverting games and problems to stimulate the analytical skills of beginners of all... read more
Starting Out In Chess
International Master Byron Jacobs provides newcomers to the chess with a thorough grounding in the fundamental principles of the game. In this book he takes the novice player to the standard at which they can enjoy a friendly or competitive game. Learn chess from scratch or brush up on the basics. This guide has a user-friendly design for ease of learning and makes an ideal chess book for players... read more
Survival Guide for Chess Parents
Do you have a child who is interested in chess, but you're not sure how to help? In this book Tanya Jones concentrates on the numerous aspects of being a 'chess parent' and answers the many questions facing those with chess-playing children.  Topics covered include helping children in early stages of learning, choosing suitable tournaments and choosing the right chess coach.  This is a complete... read more
A book on the records, from the trivial to monumental, set in the chess world.  From the most successful and unsuccessful chess players in history to which player thought for longest over a single move, everything is included here.  This amusing, entertaining, and often astounding guide is a must for all chess players and is packed with entertaining facts and figures, annotated games and... read more
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess
Written by a U.S. Chess Champion, International Chess Grandmaster, and longtime instructor Patrick Wolff, this book includes information for both novice and expert, including hundreds of diagrams throughout.  With comprehensive instruction on the same winning tactics and strategies used by the Grandmasters, this book is great allround book for the beginner or the champ, and for young and old.
The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal
Mikhail Tal, the "magician from Riga", was the greatest attacking World Champion of them all, and this enchanting autobiography chronicles his extraordinary career with charm and humour. Dazzling games are interspersed throughout with anecdotes and witty self-interviews, and in typically objective fashion he related both the downs and ups of his encounters.  Due to possible self-inflicted health... read more
The Magic of Mikhail Tal
Few players have captured the public imagination like the former World Champion Mikhail Tal. With his unique attacking style, he dazzled the chess world on the way to becoming the youngest ever World Champion in 1960, winning friends around the world for both his entertaining play and engaging personality.  In this book Grandmaster Joe Gallagher takes a fresh look at Tal's games and career,... read more
The Queen of Katwe
A Story of life, chess, and one extraordinary girl's dream of becoming a Grandmaster.  This book inspired the award winning 2016 film and is the true story of a female prodigy from the Ugandan slum of Katwe.  By the age of 11, Phiona Mutesi was Uganda's junior champion, at 15 she was national champion and then continued to chase her dreams.  
Understanding Chess Middlegames
The three-times World Chess Solving Champion distils the most useful middlegame concepts and knowledge into 100 lessons that everyone can understand.  John Nunn turns his attention to the middlegame - the phase of the chess battle where most games are decided, yet the one that has received the least systematic treatment from chess writers.  With the outstanding clarity for which he is famous,... read more
Understanding Chess Move by Move
John Nunn is one of the most highly regarded chess writers in the world. He has carefully selected thirty modern games to help the reader understand the most important aspects of chess and to illustrate modern chess principles in action. Virtually every move is explained using words that everyone can understand.  Almost all examples are taken from the 1990s and show how key ideas are handled by... read more
Winning Chess Puzzles for Kids
The perfect introduction to basic chess tactics for children ages 7-13. Full of imaginative drawings, this fun and instructive workbook combines standard chess problems with a variety of insightful chess-related puzzles. The main part of the book consists of exercise sheets with more than 1000 positions, covering mates in one or two moves, and simple tactics such as forks, pins and discovered... read more
Winning Chess Tactics for Juniors
A skilled tactical player can reach a high level, even if opening and endgame knowledge is limited.  A few weeks of dedication to this book will provide anyone with the basic tactical foundation necessary to advance to a high level. 
Workbook 1
A couple of years ago, WIM Laura Moylan, FIDE Master Brett Tindall and a group of other Sydney Academy Of Chess coaches got together to explore methods to improve our coaching. A few ideas were sketched out and one of them, on top of the list, was to produce a workbook which would help kids to learn chess a little bit quicker. Hundreds of hours later, the first Sydney Academy of Chess Workbook... read more
Workbook 2
A couple of years ago, WIM Laura Moylan, FIDE Master Brett Tindall and a group of other Sydney Academy Of Chess coaches got together to explore methods to improve our coaching. A few ideas were sketched out and one of them, on top of the list, was to produce a workbook which would help kids to learn chess a little bit quicker. Hundreds of hours later, the first Sydney Academy of Chess Workbook... read more
Workbooks 1&2
Special deal - buy both Workbooks 1&2 together and save $9!