Elite Coaching

Advanced coaching is done in small groups upon request at the Sydney Academy of Chess Office (Level 2, Suite 2, 1-17 Elsie St, Burwood NSW 2134). This group can be made up of friends or relatives who wish to learn together, or it could be a small group of promising young players hand-selected by us.

This type of coaching can be very beneficial for students who want to improve different aspects of their game together in a friendly, but competitive environment.

Possible topics taught will be tactics training, difficult checkmating combinations, positional themes and plans, and endgame strategies. Also it is possible to learn an opening together, and then play training games against other members of the group in this opening, followed by detailed analysis, so that players can learn from their mistakes and improve their level of play. Homework will be given which complements the material presented in the lesson.

For more information, please call the Sydney Academy of Chess office on (02) 9745 1170.

You can also contact us by means of our CONTACT PAGE