Inner West Sunday Fun Tournament September 2014

Sunday, 7th September 2014

Sydney Academy of Chess
Level 1 30a George St Burwood NSW


The September Inner West Sunday Fun Tournament attracted a very large crowd of 39 players.
Many thanks to our arbiter Bevan Clouston who ran 6 rounds on the day.


1st Place - Deniz Sen 6/6
2nd Place - Matthew Parsons 5/6
3rd Place - Frank Jia 5/6


Top player under 12 years old - Hamish Thompson 4.5/6
Top player under 10 years old - Daniel Goris 4/6
Runner up under 10 years old - Kailen Phillips 4/6
Top player under 8 years old - Jason Yan 3.5/7

Top unrated player - Jason Wei - 3.5/7

Top female player - Kya Phillips 3/6
Runner up female player - Anshika Jain 3/6

Well done to everyone who competed. For a full list of results please download the attached file.
Remember to enrol for our October Inner West Sunday Fun Tournament and to see a bigger tournament make sure you enrol for the Inner West Chess Challenge 15.

Download Results: