Cabra-Vale Interschool Chess Gala Day 2016

Monday, 7th March 2016

Cabra-Vale Diggers Club
1 Bartley St
Canley Vale, NSW


The Gala Day is run as an individual event. The winning school is determined by adding the 4 highest scorers from each school. This means that your school can enter any number of players, and there is no need to rank them by ability, or assign teams.

This tournament is a 7-round ‘Swiss’ competition. This means that all players play 7 games and no-one is ‘knocked out’ of the tournament.


Primary Division:

1st Place School - The Kings Preparatory School 21 Points
2nd Place School - Canley Vale Public School 18 Points
3rd Place School - Strathfield South Public School 12 Points

1st Place Individual Player - John Nguyen 7/7
2nd Place Individual Player - Eric Li 6/7
3rd Place Individual Player - Jayden Phan 5/7
4th Place Individual Player - Lawrence Wei 5/7
5th Place Individual Player - Brian Carpenter 5/7

Secondary Division:

1st Place School - Canley Vale High School 21 Points
2nd Place School - Cecil Hills High School 20.5 Points
3rd Pace School - Concord High School 19 Points

1st Place Individual Player - Jason Wei 6.5/7
2nd Place Individual Player - David Youkhanna 6/7
3rd Place Individual Player - Rocco Potter 5.5/7
4th Place Individual Player - Austin Ung 5.5/7
5th Place Individual Player - Isaac Eshou 5/7