Cabra-Vale Interschool Chess Gala Day

Thursday, 5th March 2015

Cabra-Vale Diggers Club
1 Bartley St
Canley Vale, NSW


The first Cabravale Gala Day was a success, attracting 108 players from eight schools in the area.

Primary Trophies:

1st Placed Player - John Nguyen 7/7
2nd Placed Player - Lawrence Wei 6/7
3rd Placed Player - Ryan Oschadleus 6/7
4th Placed Player - Jason Wei 6/7
5th Placed Player - Rany Al Zuhairy 6/7

1st Placed School - The Kings Preparatory School 23 Points
2nd Placed School - Canley Vale Public School 21 Points
3rd Placed School - Holy Spirit Primary School 18.5 Points

Secondary Trophies:

1st Placed Player - Allen Chan 7/7
2nd Placed Player - Harun Hodzic 5/7
3rd Placed Player - Johnny Nguyen 5/7
4th Placed Player - Anthony Ta 5/7
5th Placed Player - Zacharia Kaake 4.5/7

1st Placed School - Canley Vale High School 21 Points
2nd Placed School - Amity College 16 Points

For a full list of results, please view the attached documents.