University Chess Challenge 2013

Sunday, 24th March 2013

The University Chess Challenge 2013 was held again at the same time as the Macquarie University Schools Chess Challenge 2013 at Building E7B (Macquarie University).  This year there were 19 entries - and again the tournament was dominated by Adrian Chau (UTS) who scored 7/7 points.  Congratulations Adrian!

The list of prizewinners can be seen below and the standings/crosstable can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the page.  The top 5 places earned trophies and the winning University was again Macquarie University who scored a total of 18.5 points (summing the top 4 players' scores).  The top 4 players from Macquarie were: Edwin Nelson (5), Matthew Burke (5), Eu-Han Chin (4.5) and Hugh Waugh (4).

1st Place - Adrian Chau (UTS) 7/7
2nd Place - Edwin Nelson (MAC) 5/7 (2nd on tiebreak)
3rd Place - Matthew Burke (MAC) 5/7 (3rd on tiebreak)
4th Place - Charles Zworestine (UWS) 5/7 (4th on tiebreak)
5th Place - Eu-Han Chin (MAC) 4.5/7 (5th on tiebreak)

6th Place (Medal) - Donato Mallari (MNL) 4.5/7 (6th on tiebreak)

Download Results: