Toy and Game Expo Chess Challenge 2013 - Under 18

Monday, 10th June 2013

27 players entered the final tournament at the Toy and Game Expo Chess Challenge 2013 - the Under 18 division.  This was held on Monday 10th June, 2013 at the Dome (Olympic Park).

Linus Cooper and James Ji tied for first place, and top seed Linus (rated JCL 831) took the first place prize on tiebreak.  Way to go Linus!  Linus is on a streak of winning tournaments - when is somebody going to defeat him??
Below are the list of prizewinners in the Under 18 division:

1st Place - Linus Cooper 6/7
2nd Place - James Ji 6/7
3rd Place - Brandon Lee 5.5/7
4th Place - Samuel Brennan 5/7
5th Place - Xianyi Huang 4.5/7

Encouragement Medal (missed trophy on tiebreak) - Rishabh Ahluwalia 4.5/7

Thanks again to arbiter Bevan for running the third successful tournament in a row!

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Download Results: