Summer Hill Public School - Infants Chess Tournament

Monday, 13th October 2014

Summer Hill Public School
Moonbie St, Summer Hill

We had a very impressive turnout of 69 players at the first Summer Hill Public School Infants Chess Tournament.  This event was open only for Infants students and was run in the same style as our popular Interschool Chess Challenge, where schools can enter any numbers of players, and the winning school is determined by adding up the top 4 scores from the students at each school.

Thanks to arbiter Ben Encel for running the tournament and to the host school Summer Hill Public School for providing the venue.  The prizewinners (individual and school) are listed below, and the full results including standings, school scores and crosstable can be downloaded below.

Individual Trophy Winners
1st Place - Daniel Goris 6/6
2nd Place - Conor Hayden 5/6
3rd Place - Ryan Lee 5/6
4th Place - Emma Wen 5/6
5th Place - Will Grimison 5/6

School Prizes
1st Place - Summer Hill Public School - 18.5 points
2nd Place - Abbotsford Public School - 18 points
3rd Place - Russell Lea Infants School - 15.5 points

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Download Results: