Schools Chess Challenge 2015

Sunday, 8th November 2015

Knox Grammar Senior School
7 Woodville Ave, Wahroonga
KG1 Building


This tournament is a team event and not an individual event. Teams consist of three players from the same school.
The tournament will be a 7-round Swiss. Games will be played under the official rules of chess - touch move and touch take apply. 

Participants will use a chess clock with a time limit of 15 minutes per player for the whole game. Instruction on the use of chess clocks will be given on the day.


The top 5 schools in each division will earn trophies for their schools, as well as individual medals for each of the players in the teams.

Also, the winning schools will have their school name engraved on the perpetual trophies in each division.


The Schools Chess Challenge 2015 was a huge success and a lot of money was raised for the NSW Junior Chess League.
The primary division had 116 teams of three players in each. By the afternoon we were left with only two teams on a perfect score of 9/9. These two teams met and neither emerge unscathed. Ironbark Ridge Public School came out better from this encounter winning 2.5:0.5 and went on to win the competition.

Primary Prizes were given to:

1st Place - Ironbark Ridge Public School A 18.5/21
2nd Place - St Ives North Public School A 16.5/21
3rd Place - North Rocks Public School A 16/21
4th Place - Emanuel School A 15.5/21
5th Place (tiebreak) - Lindfield Public School A 15/21
6th Place (tiebreak) - Newington College (Wyvern House) A 15/21

The secondary division had 28 teams competiting with two of the top teams meeting in round 3 when they were the only teams on a perfect 6/6. North Sydney Boys High School won this 3:0 and went on to win the competition, they couldn't keep their perfect scores though.

Secondary Prizes were given to:

1st Place - North Sydney Boys High School A 19.5/21
2nd Place - Marist College A 14/21
3rd Place - Knox Grammar School A 13.5/21
4th Place (Tiebreak) - Knox Grammar School B 13/21
5th Place (Tiebreak) - Sydney Boys High School A 13/21

For a full list of results please see the attached documents.