Pymble Saturday Fun Tournament May 2013

Saturday, 25th May 2013

As you may have noticed, there are now TWO monthly Saturday Fun Tournaments in different areas of Sydney - one in Parramatta (since February, 2013) and also the recently added tournaments at Pymble.  The first Pymble Saturday Fun Tournament was held on 25th May at the new venue, the Ku-Ring-Gai Town Hall (1186 Pacific Highway, Pymble).  This tournament attracted 21 players and was capably ran by arbiter Blair.

The list of prizewinners is below - congratulations to Luke Watson and Peter Boylan who came equal first with 6.5/7, and thanks to everyone for taking part.

Trophy Winners:
1st Place (on tiebreak) - Luke Watson 6.5/7
2nd Place (on tiebreak) - Peter Boylan 6.5/7
3rd Place - Nathan Cavenor 4.5/7

Medal Winners:
4th Place (missed trophy on tiebreak) - Archer Bradshaw 4.5/7
Encouragement Award - Henry Fitzpatrick 1.5/7

The next Pymble tournament will be held on Saturday 29th June - clcik here for more details.  Also coming up very soon is the exciting event - the Toy and Game Expo Chess Challenge 2013, from 8th-10th June, held in 3 divisions.  For more information, click on Upcoming Tournaments to view the complete list for 2013. 

Download Results: 
Pymble Saturday Fun Tournament May 2013 - Prizewinners