Pymble Saturday Fun Tournament July 2013

Saturday, 27th July 2013

The Pymble Saturday Fun Tournament for July 2013 had 28 players, and was a very hard fought event, ending in a tie for first place.  No perfect scores this time!

The trophy winners were:
1st - Luke Watson  5/6
2nd - Viney Kumar  5/6
3rd - Anthony Fikh  4.5/6

Encouragement medals were awarded to:
Peter Boylan  4.5/6  (=3rd place)
William Owen  4/6 (5th place and only 6 years old!)
Ryan Chung 0.5/6 (encouragement award, good sportsmanship)

Well done to all the prizewinners!

You can view the full results by clicking the link below.


Download Results: