Parramatta Saturday Fun Tournament July 2015

Saturday, 18th July 2015

Sydney Academy of Chess
Unit 37, 2 O'Connell Street, Parramatta NSW


Swiss competition (approximately 7 rounds).  All players play 7 games and no-one is 'knocked out' of the tournament.  For players under 18 years of age.


The Parramatta Saturday Fun Tournament July had 19 players along to our Parramatta Office. Not a single one of these players came away without a loss, everyone had a challenge through the day. Very well done to Vincent Qiang who placed 1st on tiebreak and to Steven Kong who tied with him.


1st Place - Vincent Qiang 5/6
2nd Place - Steven Kong 5/6
3rd Place - William Chai 4.5/6


4th Place - Jason Yan 4/6
Best Player Under 8Years - Sayum Rupasinghe 3/6
Best Unrated Player - Sota Kuroki 3.5/6

For a full list of results please download the attached file.
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