Orara High School Interschool Chess Gala Day

Wednesday, 22nd October 2014

Orara High School
Joyce St,
Coffs Harbour,
NSW 2450


The Orara High School Chess Gala Day was a very small event. We combined the primary and secondary division, thank you to everyone for being so flexible on this.

We gave out prizes to:


1st Place School - Toormina High School 19.5
2nd Place School - Orara High School 16

1st Place Individual - Stanley Nelson 7/7
2nd Place Individual - Trung Bui 6/7
3rd Place Individual - Edward Caulfield 5/7
4th Place Individual - Luke Zerbe 4.5/7
5th Place Individual - Cody Bland 4/7


1st Place School - Coramba Public School 8.5

1st Place Individual - Kyle Crawford 3.5/7
2nd Place Individual - Brayden Thorncroft 3/7
3rd Place Individual - Will Grocott 2/7


Well done to everyone and thank you to our arbiter, Bevan Clouston and to Orara High School for hosting.

Download Results: