Newcastle Saturday Fun Tournament July 2017

Saturday, 22nd July 2017

Ulinga Park Community Hall
1A Lodwick Lane, Cardiff South

Trophy Winners:
1st Place - Ethan Cooney 6/6
2nd Place - Ashley Pernecker 5/6
3rd Place - Lavya Gupta 3/6

Medal Winners:
=3rd Place - Ria Gupta 3/6
=3rd Place - Patrick Fitzsimmons 3/6

Encouragement Awards - Ella McKenzie, TJ Scott 

Third place was resolved by an exciting series of Lightning games.
The first round saw Lavya defeat Patrick 2-0.
Ria then played Patrick in round two and that match was tied 1-1.
In the final pairing, Lavya won game 1 against Ria, and therefore the second game was not required.

Congratulations to all competitors on maintaining a quiet environment for all to compete fairly.

Download Results: