Willoughby Public School

Event type: 
Semi Finals
School Event: 
Term 3
Friday, 14th August 2015
Registration is from 8:30am – 9:15am on the day of the tournament. Round 1 begins at 9:30am. Prize giving will commence at approximately 2:00pm.

Individual 'Swiss' competition with 7 rounds, meaning that no-one is knocked out of the tournament. This tournament is by invitation only, invitation is gained by competing in a local heat and the school achieving a top 3 finish.
School are permitted to enter 5 players (10 players for those who qualified twice) and the winning school is determined by adding the 4 highest scorers from each school.

Time Limit:
Chess clocks will be used in this event, with a time limit of 15 minutes per player per game.  There will be a short demonstration on the use of chess clocks before the start of the tournament.

Primary Prizewinners

1stAidan Odenthal7/7
2ndJames Wang6/7
3rdThiago Ortiz5.5/7
4thToby Huey5.5/7
5thDevon Nilaweera Patabendige5.5/7

Primary Qualifying Schools

1stNeutral Bay Public School22.5
2ndCurl Curl North Public School18.5
3rdJohn Colet School18.0
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