Inner West Sunday Fun Tournament April 2016

Sunday, 3rd April 2016

Sydney Academy of Chess
Level 1, 30A George St, Burwood NSW


Trophies for 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, as well as other age/rating prizes.
All players receive a certificate of participation.

The time limit is 15 minutes per player per game.  This tournament will be NSWJCL rated.

Trophy winners:
1st Place - Jason Fan 6.5/7
2nd Place - Mridul Pant 6/7
Equal 3rd Place - John Nguyen  5/7
Medal winners:
Equal 3rd: Kevin Cloke 5/7
Equal 5th: Kevin Liu & Keiran Willathgamuwa 4.5/7
Best Under 400 Rating: Leo Long Le 4.5/7
Best Unrated Player: Kentaro Goto 4.5/7: 
Best 8 & Under: Eric Liu 4.5/7
Most promising player: Felix Wang 4/7
Download Results: