Inner West Chess Challenge 17

Tuesday, 22nd September 2015

Sydney Latvian Society Club
32 Parnell Street, Strathfield


257 children took part in our popular bi-annual event, the Inner West Chess Challenge, held at the Sydney Latvian Society Club in Strathfield.  This was the 17th such event that we have run, starting back in the year 2007.

The players were aged between 5 and 16, with their abilities ranging from rookie up to seasoned competition players.  There were several players who had never used a chess clock or played in a tournament before, while some of the more experienced players have won many chess trophies.

There were 8 rounds played throughout the day, and the format of the competition was such that every player competes in all the rounds – no one is knocked out of the tournament.

At the half-way point, there were 11 players still on a perfect score of 4 points out of 4 games.  After 6 rounds, everyone had conceded at least a draw and there were still 7 players tied for first place.  The next round left Patrick Galea and Gordon Yang on 6.5/7, so they faced off against each other in Round 8.  Gordon defeated Patrick in the final battle, which means that Gordon Yang is the new champion of the Inner West Chess Challenge with 7.5 points – congratulations Gordon!

There was a 5-way tie for second place on 7 points between William Tao, Michael Parsons, Timothy Leong, Mishael Chellappah and Shawn Hui.  Well done everyone!  The full list of results and prizewinners can be downloaded from the links below.

We would like to thank the Sydney Latvian Society Club, which provided an excellent venue for the large numbers of people attending.  Also, many thanks to our arbiters, who managed the tournament and resolved any problems on the day, as well as our canteen helpers serving food and drinks for the children and parents.

We hope to see you at another tournament very soon!

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