Hornsby Sunday Fun Tournament March 2015

Sunday, 15th March 2015

Willow Park Community Centre
Beatrice Taylor Hall
25 Edgeworth David Avenue, Hornsby


Our March tournament at Hornsby was our biggest yet with 37 players.
Well done to everyone and a very big thank you to our arbiter, Rick Keuning.


1st Place - Neal Banerjee 6/6
2nd Place - David Packer 5/6
3rd Place - Abishek Kattamanchi 5/6


Shared Best Girl - Anousheh Moonan 3/6
Shared Best Girl - Eleanor Han 3/6

Top Unrated -Balazs Gaspar 4.5/6
Shared Runner Up Unrated - Ben Yin 4/6
Shared Runner Up Unrated - Maxwell Zoldos 4/6

Shared Top Under 8 Years Old - Sayum Rupasinghe 4/6
Shared Top Under 8 Years Old - Adrian Zajac 4/6
Runner Up Under 8 Years Old - William Bohlsen 3.5/6

For a full list of results please view the attached page.

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