Education Expo ™ Chess Challenge 2011

Saturday, 3rd September 2011 - Sunday, 4th September 2011

The Secondary and Junior (8 years and under) competitions were held on Saturday 3rd September, 2011 at the State Sports Centre, Olympic Park, as part of the Education Expo event. A total of 58 players took part in the Secondary and 168 in the Junior. I would like to thank all of our hard-working arbiters who always encourage fair play and good sportsmanship, and in particular the parent helpers who volunteered their time to take results and ensure that the children were well looked after.

Congratulations to Andrew Pan scoring a perfect 7/7 points to win the Secondary competition and to Luke Marsh (scoring 6.5/7), who took the first prize in the Junior division over Kevin Shen (also scoring 6.5/7) on tiebreak.

There were 211 players who competed in the Primary division on Sunday 4th September. It was a very strong event, with 100 rated players including 55 players with JCL ratings of over 400. The tournament needed to be extended to 8 rounds due to the number of entries, to make sure that there will be a unique winner. It was an outstanding result for tournament winner Rishi Dutta who scored 8/8 points. Well played Rishi!

Please download the attached files below if you would like to view the full standings and crosstable for all 3 events, plus the full list of prizewinners.

Download Results: 
Download List of Prizewinners: