Central Coast Chess Challenge 2

Monday, 30th June 2014

1st Gosford Scout Hall
10 Masons Parade, Gosford
On the water, past the Sailing Club

Well done to everyone who competed in the Central Coast Chess Challenge 2 and many thanks to our arbiter Rick Keuning.
The tournament was won by Paul Russell with a perfect score of 7/7. Results including standings and crosstable can be downloaded from the link below.

Trophy Winners
1st Place - Paul Russell 7/7
2nd Place - Matthew Clarke 6/7
3rd Place - Tasman Fell 5.5/7
4th Place - Elijah Moore 5.5/7
5th Place - Abdullah Mohammed 5/7

Girls Prize - Maddie Leese 5/7

12 Years and Under - Liam Chaney 5/7
10 Years and Under - Xander James 5/7
8 Years and Under - Abbey Wardrope 4/7
6 Years and Under - Marlen Wilson 2/7
Runner up 6 Years and Under Medal - Abigail Brown 2/7

Make sure to check out the Central Coast Chess Challenge 3 on 22nd September and our ongoing Central Coast Junior Chess Club if you are looking to improve.

Download Results: