Central Coast Chess Challenge 1

Monday, 14th April 2014

1st Gosford Progress Hall
Masons Parade, Gosford

There was a good turnout for our first ever Central Coast Chess Challenge 1 - 48 players took part, ranging in age from 6-16 years.  Thanks to arbiter Rick who ran a successful event, and to everyone who competed.  The tournament was led from start to finish by top seed Paul Russell who scored 7/7.  Results including standings and crosstable can be downloaded from the link below.

Trophy Winners
1st Place - Paul Russell 7/7
2nd Place - Elijah Moore 6/7
3rd Place - Matthew Clarke 5.5/7
4th Place - Daniel Sheedy 5/7
5th Place - Joshua Cesca 5/7

Girls Prize - Jessica Degeling 4/7

12 Years and Under - Spencer Wharton 5/7
10 Years and Under - Heath Brown 5/7
8 Years and Under - Lachlan Peers 4/7
6 Years and Under - Marlen Wilson 2/7

We hope to run more events in the Central Coast in future.  View all of our Upcoming Tournaments remaining in 2014.

Download Results: