Belmore South Public School - Infants Chess Tournament

Thursday, 22nd October 2015

Belmore South Public School
718 Canterbury Road, Belmore


This tournament is run as an individual event. The winning school is determined by adding the 4 highest scorers from each school. This means that your school can enter any number of players, and there is no need to rank them by ability, or assign teams.
This tournament is a 7-round ‘Swiss’ competition. This means that all players play 7 games and no-one is ‘knocked out’ of the tournament.

Time Limit:
Chess clocks will be used in this event. There will be a short demonstration on the use of chess clocks before the start of the tournament.
The time limit is 15 minutes per player per game.


The Infants Chess Tournament attracted 52 players from 10 schools.
Congratulations to the following players who won trophies:

1st Place - John Nguyen 7/7
2nd Place - Katherine Pan 6/7
3rd Place - Justin Choi 5.5/7
4th Place - Matthew Kim-Aghnatios 5/7
5th Place - Andy Xin 5/7

Congratulations to the following schools who won trophies:

1st Place - Haberfield Public School 21 Points
2nd Place - Summer Hill Public School 19.5 Points
3rd Place - Peakhurst Public School 14.5 Points

For a full list of results please view the attached results document.

Download Results: