2013 Sydney Chess Club Transfer Tournament

Monday, 25th November 2013


1st Place - Clive Ng and Bernard Chau - 9 Points
2nd Place - Anthony Lo and Diego Funai - 7 Points
3rd Place - Neil Wright and Tristan Routh - 7 Points
4th Place - Joost van Ruitenburg and Alyson Sik - 4 Points
5th Place - Linus Cooper and Peter Boylan - 2 Points
6th Place - Per Mouritsen and John Bellingham - 1 Point
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Transfer Chess is a 4-player game with teams of 2, that takes place on 2 boards simultaneously. The partners sit beside one another, and partners always play with opposite colours (one white, one black). All captured pieces are passed on to a player's partner, who can choose to place a stored piece on any empty square on the board, instead of making a regular chess move. A player can store any number of pieces, but can only place one piece at a time on the board, on that player's turn.
Pieces can be placed to make check or mate, or to block checks, with the exception that pawns cannot be placed on the 1st or 8th ranks. Promoted pawns stay as the piece they are promoted to until captured, when they are passed on to the partner as a pawn, rather than the promoted piece.
Partners can communicate with each other, however a player cannot physically make a move on the partner's board or touch their clock.
The game ends when a player is checkmated on either board, or if any of the players run out of time. In either case, the opposing team wins and both boards are reset.