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Each of these 125 problems has won top prize in one of the many chess competitions held throughout the world-and they will help hone players' skills so that even beginners can learn to become winners too. As with all orthodox chess conundrums, the ones collected here stipulate that White makes the first move, and must checkmate Black in a specified number of moves no matter what Black does. This... read more
Checkmate: 180 Ways to Beat a Grandmaster
Every player dreams of delivering a decisive blow against a Grandmaster. Checkmate offers you the chance to defeat not one, but 180 leading Grandmasters, by finding the winning move in games in which they have been defeated.  Each position is brought vividly to life bay a pen-portrait of the vanquished opponent.  It is as if you were playing a simultaneous exhibition against Kasparov, Short,... read more
"...enough to drive experienced chess players to insanity, but they will enjoy the ride....The author...warns the reader from the start anything goes--especially joke creations that flout or even stomp on the laws of chess....Just when we become accustomed to life in this Outer Space of chess, he reminds us of the world's most difficult chess problem....You will never solve it, but you will keep... read more
A new, completely revised edition of the classic chess quiz book. Grandmaster Chris Ward presents another selection of fascinating and entertaining puzzles. The fun and instructive multiple-choice format will get players' brains working in high gear. Identifying typical trains of thought, Ward explains the incorrect and correct analysis to help improve anyone's play. Supplement your reading with ... read more
Three’s a charm: chess players have demanded, and now they have, a third Chess Choice Challenge. Once again, they can enjoy a bundle of tricky and varied chess positions and test their analytical abilities. Innovative multiple-choice questions direct chess mavens’ attention to different facets of each position and identify the typical train of thought (both correct and incorrect) followed by many... read more
Chess Puzzles Book
This one-of-a-kind handbook of chess strategy analyzes each square on the board individually and teaches players how to move in for the kill regardless of where their opponents may be. 207 line drawings.   Supplement your reading with Chess LessonsItems you may also like: Chess Boards   ...
Trains and boats and planes are all part of a day in the life of globe-trotting Grandmaster Julian Hodgson, as is his constant surveillance of the chessboard in search of some lethal tactical strike. Now, in Chess Travellers Quiz Book, Hodgson reverses roles and, setting the brainteasers himself, challenges readers to find the winning combination in 200 test-yourself positions, all taken from... read more
Feel confident in your tactics solving ability? Need a step up in the difficulty of your puzzles? Work through "It's Your Move: Tough Puzzles" and learn how to solve tactical chess problems like an advanced player.Supplement your reading with Chess LessonsItems you may also like: Chess Boards