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202 Checkmates for Children
202 fun and challenging puzzles for the budding chess superstar! Packed with 100 one-move checkmates and 102 two-move mates, 202 Checkmates for Children will provide your child with hours of entertainment and valuable instruction. Perfect for the classroom or the living room.  This exciting workbook will sharpen not only your child's chess play, but also his or her problem-solving skills.
Checkmate Tactics
Tactical play is the nitty-gritty of chess. It's the stuff that players are trying to work out when they say to themselves, “If I go there and he goes there ... and then I check him with the knight ... now, what can he do ... etc.” At a social or weak club level, virtually 100% of games are decided for tactical reasons.  If you want to play good chess you have to understand tactics. It's that... read more
Checkmate! My First Chess Book
In Checkmate! readers are invited to learn chess with Garry Kasparov, the World number one and the most famous figure in chess history, as their teacher. In this book chess players can discover all the various pieces and how they move, how to attack and how to defend, how to capture, and, crucially, how to give check and deliver checkmate.
Chess Endgames For Kids
German Grandmaster Karsten Muller is one of the foremost writers on the topic of chess endgames.  In this book, he highlights 50 essential endgame themes and presents them in a logical format, starting with the most elementary checkmate with one or two pieces, and moving on to sophisticated techniques and manoeuvres, making the lessons suitable for all level of players. Many chess games are... read more
Chess For Children
This comprehensive beginner's book has been specially written for the 8-12 age group. Through simple text, diagrams and lively illustrations, Chess for Children explains the aims, rules, tactics and winning moves of this timeless game.
Chess For Children
A delightful book aimed at teaching children the basics of chess, including tales from witty cartoon characters and interactive puzzles for the reader to solve. Even children as young as five years old can quickly learn the rules of chess from this book, and can start out-witting their friends and relatives.
Chess for Juniors
Robert Snyder, national chess master and noted teacher, introduces this timeless game to the young beginner.  Snyder teaches the basic principles and then builds on students’ knowledge, giving clear instructions on how to choose and employ opening, middle and endgame strategies to win.  In 20 graduated lessons, with over 275 diagrams, Chess for Juniors covers basic rules, check, checkmate and... read more
Chess for Rookies
Chess is an enthralling game that provides countless hours of enjoyment for players young and old, but it's true that for the beginner it can often seem like an intimidating prospect. "Chess for Rookies" is a fun-to-read guide for the regular person. Assuming no prior knowledge of this famous game, Craig Pritchett takes the reader on a journey through the crucial basics of chess. Mixed with... read more
Chess Nuts
Jackson is sporty and popular.  He's not the type to join the chess squad, and Anna doesn't want him there.  A lighthearted novel for children about the game of chess. 
Chess Openings For Kids
This book is for chess-players of all ages and abilities, and teaches the names and starting moves of all the main chess openings, as well as their basic ideas. Beginners will learn different setups to develop their pieces harmoniously, and more advanced players will discover how they can implement many beautiful and surprising tactical and strategic themes into their games.  There are numerous... read more
Chess Puzzles For Kids
"Chess Puzzles For Kids" contains 100 fun positions to solve, graded in order from gentle and encouragingly easy, to brain-bustingly hard.  Every puzzle is categorised into a theme, and is preceded by an instructive example, demonstrating an important pattern. This book quickly enables children to learn many new skills and concepts, and to apply them through practicing the many examples and... read more
Chess Tactics For Kids
The positions illustrated in this book are all from real chess games, and show the 50 Tricky Tactics that experienced chess masters use to win tournament games. Beginners will benefit from a clear explanation of basic chess tactical patterns, such as how to use a fork, pin or skewer.  Advanced players will enjoy playing through the many devious tactical combinations, some of which are classified... read more
Everyone’s 2nd Chess Book
An amazing look at kids who play chess and how to help them and their parents. It features overcoming beginning hurdles and why newcomers often play BAD moves. In chess, if you lose all your pieces you can't win! And if you capture each of your opponent's pieces, winning should be easy. Even if you just get ahead by a small amount of material, your chances of winning soar. The way to win your... read more
Power Chess For Kids
A power move, explains experienced chess teacher Charles Hertan, is a winning master tactic that requires thinking ahead. To become one of the best chess players in your school you need to be able to think just 1,5 moves ahead, and this book teaches the four basic tricks do so. You will learn how to weed out silly moves and just consider a few important ones. Forget about learning openings and... read more
Survival Guide for Chess Parents
Do you have a child who is interested in chess, but you're not sure how to help? In this book Tanya Jones concentrates on the numerous aspects of being a 'chess parent' and answers the many questions facing those with chess-playing children.  Topics covered include helping children in early stages of learning, choosing suitable tournaments and choosing the right chess coach.  This is a complete... read more
Thinking with Chess
"Thinking with Chess: Teaching Children Ages 5-14" is a handbook for teachers, librarians, after-school instructors, chess coaches, counselors, and parents that requires no prior knowledge of the game. Both novices and veteran chess players can use its innovative lesson plans for teaching groups of children.In this book, Dr. Alexey Root connects chess with skills important to academic success,... read more
Tips for Young Players
Britain’s number three Grandmaster Matthew Sadler, answers key questions such as: Which openings should I play? How do I learn to spot tactics? What do I need to know about the endgame? This book is aimed at young players looking to improve their play and practical results.  Packed with advice on every area of the game.