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This volume of 100 chess classics (games, studies, combinations, problems or other chess ideas that have become historically famous) spans from the 13th century to the present day. Contains a wealth of chess brilliance. Examples have been chosen for their instructive and entertainment value. Ideal for dipping into or for serious study. Discover a world of inspirational chess ideas with this book... read more
Tactics, audacity, and speed are the hallmarks of chess matches called "miniatures," games played in 25 moves or less. Learn from 100 fascinating games played by Soviet chess masters, taken from the records of the Soviet Chess Bulletin. Selected and annotated by noted chess authority P. H. Clarke. 99 chess diagrams.
History has shown that chess has had it's share of oddballs and strange events...
40 Lessons for the Club Player
In this follow-up to “From Beginner To Expert in 40 Lessons”, Aleksander Kostyev concentrates on the challenges of practical play.  It is ideally suited for the club and tournament player who has reached a certain standard and wishes to improve his or her game.  The material is equally suitable for the curriculum of a chess course run by a strong player or for self-instruction.   A number of... read more
In a sequel to the hugely successful 50 Essential Chess Lessons, Steve Giddins now presents 50 games that each illustrate an important winning method. This engaging and highly readable book is a painless way to build your personal arsenal of techniques and ideas. The games are mostly from the modern era, but with a few classic examples chosen to show key themes in as clear a way as possible. In... read more
Exploration in Chess Beauty by IM Andras Toth
This book, written by International Master Andras Toth, contains various themes and combinations which demonstrate the aesthetic beauty of chess, with many examples of composed studies and practical games.  For advanced players.
This is a fictionalized account of the life and career of world chess champion Alexander Alekhine. Born into Russian nobility, Alekhine lost his family and nearly his life to the Bolsheviks before becoming the world's most powerful chess player. The coming of World War II placed the grandmaster in a difficult position, forcing him to collaborate with the Nazis and to produce anti-Semitic... read more
Inspired by Alexander Kotov's Think Like a Grandmaster, chess columnist and international master Byron Jacobs has created a system that trains players to think methodically in typical over-the-board situations. He focuses specifically on helping them to analyze accurately and make sense of complex positions--precisely those aspects of chess where games are won or lost.
What, really, is a chess combination? It is a maneuver generally employing surprise and a sacrifice, in which pieces work together to bring about a sudden advantage. It is perhaps the most aesthetically satisfying and successful technique in the game. Some players believe that the combination is a spontaneous creation with no guiding laws; the possibility springs up in the mind like a flash of... read more
A guide showing various ways to sharpen your attacking technique in chess. It shows how to exploit an opponent's weaknesses, when and how to exchange off into a winning endgame, describes how to launch attacks and handle desperate counterplay, and includes practical test positions
Most chess players know how to attack on the kingside, but very few are comfortable when dealing with problems on the other side of the board. In this book, all of the queenside attacking motifs, such as the minority attack or the exploitation of a spatial advantage, are described in depth, giving a complete introduction to the techniques of winning queenside play.
Written by Australia's first Grandmaster, this is a description of where the game was in Australia at the end of the 1970s and a collection of portraits, both written and photographic of Australia's top players.
Designed for the typical amateur player who wants to improve his or her chess skills, this clear, straightforward guide provides the extra knowledge and technique that turns a losing player into a winner.The author, a well-known chess teacher and author of a dozen books on openings, coaches the reader through all the fundamentals of attacking, sacrifices, defense, positional play and choosing a... read more
Controversy has long reigned over the relative strengths of the bishop and knight. Mayer uses practical examples to illustrate positions which favour one minor piece over the other and provides a serious analysis of the long-debated topic.   ...   ...
Experienced chess player and writer Angus Dunnington takes a look at why the good, the bad and the indifferent all make errors, from small positional misjudgements to simply leaving a queen en prise.   El experimentado jugador de ajedrez y escritor Angus Dunnington observa por qué los buenos, los malos y los indiferentes cometen errores, desde pequeños errores de posición hasta simplemente dejar... read more
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C.O.O.L. Chess is the sequel to H.O.T. Chess, one of the most innovative chess manuals of the 1990s! Grandmaster Motwani continues to explain his easy-to-use acronym-based approach to chess thinking, and shows how Creative Original Opening Lines can bring astonishing over-the-board successes. The many brilliant games in this book include victories by Motwani against some of the world's best... read more
What do we understand by brilliancy in chess? The author delves back into history to examine how this concept has developed before presenting a dazzling array of brilliant games selected by grandmaster panels for each issue of the Yugoslav Chess Informator between 1968 and 1998. Apart from providing hours of pleasure, a study of these masterpieces will also help readers to add a sparkle to their... read more
You are going to enjoy this book as the author gives entertaining quotes, little known facts, or tips before each chapter. Then you are challenged by the great combinations(that everyone of you should learn from). Only now collected in one book. Steinitz through Kasparov are your teachers. The author writes: ''It is no coincidence that the world chess champions were all extremely gifted in their... read more
This book offers a unique approach to chess self-evaluation and training. It will answer the two most common questions that players ask an experienced coach - what is my true rating (or strengths and weaknesses)? How do I improve? The readers will find: 100 diagrams & 200 total questions of various difficulty.Comprehensive answers include diagrams for easy reading away from the chessboard.... read more
Chess has developed such a large body of myth and folklore that sorting fact from fiction is not easy. As with Edward Winter's previous volumes in his Chess Notes series Chess Explorations (1996), Kings, Commoners and Knaves (1999) and A Chess Omnibus (2003) this work (from a new publisher) features in-depth research into chess lore, corrections of popular misconceptions, biographical notes on... read more
Chess For Zebras
Jonathan Rowson looks at why it's so difficult for certain players to improve, which mental attitudes are needed for good moves and he explores whether it makes a difference playing Black or White.  
Seventy heavily annotated chess games make up this collection from the man GM Yasser Seirawan refers to as "...a near legendary figure in the New York City chess world." Asa Hoffmann is a FIDE master based in New York, who has gone toe-to-toe with many International Grandmasters and International Masters. In this book you will find duels against such greats as Joel Benjamin, Gata Kamsky, Miguel... read more
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Chess Kaleidoscope
World Champion Anatoly Karpov has collaborated with Mathematician and Chess Journalist Yevgeny Gik to produce an instructive and entertaining book, which should satisfy the demand both of chess enthusiasts and of serious players. 
chess made easy
This book definitely falls under the category "an oldie but a goodie".   Written in 1961, author Hanauer's writing is clear, descriptive, simple and insightful and includes annotations and diagrams.
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This is a book of chess games and stories about the greatest players of the game. This is what top-level competitive chess is really like. A Yugoslav grandmaster, befuddled at a simultaneous blindfold exhibition , flees from a crowd of peasants through a bathroom window …. A convicted murderer escapes from the police while being taken to a chess tournament … The wife of Grandmaster Reshevsky... read more
Chess Praxis
This classic by Aron Nimzowitsch is one of the best selling and most instructive chess books of all time and is the companion volume to MY SYSTEM.  This is the fullest exposition of Nimzowitsch's new analysis and theories, and it is beyond question one of the dozen most important books ever written on chess.  The development of the author’s ideas is both rich and extremely clear.  Each possible... read more
An experienced trainer and grandmaster explains key principles of chess strategy and thinking methods in chess. His 'recipes' include: tactical ideas in the middlegame; liquidation to the endgame; the technique of analysing variations; inverted thinking in chess. Readers are presented with new ways of looking at chessboard issues that will help them develop a deeper understanding of the game.... read more
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Chess Tips for the Improving Player provides practical advice on how to improve at chess. It is aimed at an audience who are already familiar with basic tips such as develop your pieces and control the center. This book is for players above beginner-level who want to take the next step to chess mastery. Avni is a trained psychologist who looks at things from an unusual angle. Instead of repeating... read more
Chess Tips for the Improving Player
Chess Tips for the Improving Player gives practical advice for club players who want to take the next step towards chess mastery.  Amatzia Avni's approach is far more creative than the usual tips such as “develop your pieces” and “control the centre”.  Avni is a trained psychologist who looks at life from an unusual angle.  Instead of repeating clichés seen before in countless books, he... read more
This entertaining and instructive book uses the author's own tried and tested training methods and is ideal for any player in the 100-160 BCF (1400-1900 ELO/USCF) grading range.   ...
Chess Training For Budding Champions
Many chessplayers find it difficult to improve their game beyond a certain level. They can see basic tactics, know a little about openings and can calculate a few moves ahead. However, so do their opponents. What is the next level, how does one get there? This book is aimed at chessplayers who have progressed beyond beginner level and have acquired the basic skills required to play at club level... read more
Chess Under the Microscope
In this major work, Paul Motwani, the author of the critically acclaimed “H.O.T. Chess”, looks in-depth at key aspects of chess.  His witty style will not only amuse but will instruct the reader by providing memorable insights into chess secrets.  The many well-annotated, exciting, attacking games are instructive model examples which have been carefully chosen to increase the chess knowledge,... read more
A new thoroughly updated edition of a classic work to introduce a fresh generation of chess readers to the wonders of the chess problem. There is nothing like a good chess problem to show just how beautiful chess can be, and this book will bring this home to the reader with many of the best chess problems ever composed. The book contains a clear intelligible definition of problem themes and the... read more
A thoroughly annotated selection of the finest games played by the best young grandmasters of the 1980s. Presented by two international masters and former champions, players at every level will find inspiration and practical techniques. Player profiles include Gary Kasparov, Jan Timman, Walter Browne, Robert Hubner, Zoltan Ribli, Ljubomir Ljubojevic, others. 8 halftones. 108 figures... read more
This book emphasizes topics that strong players need to study in order to improve and stay sharp. Contents: Lesson 1:Attack and Counterattack, Lesson 2:Tactical Exercises I, Lesson 3:Art of Strategy, Lesson 4: Tactical Exercises II, Lesson 5:Art of the Endgame, Lesson 6:Tactical Exercises III, Epilogue: Odds and Ends.   ...
Grand master and prolific chess author Neil McDonald explains every single move made in 30 striking tactical or strategical games played over the last quarter century. Each of these games has been carefully chosen for its consistent logical thread, so that the reader will get prime instruction in the art of conceiving appropriate plans and attacks and carrying them out to their natural conclusion... read more
Most chess books focus on chess theory and technique, yet it is in the process of choosing each move that real games are won and lost This book is full of tips and advice on how to make the right choice every time, and to see when the opponent has allowed an attacking opportunity. Both authors are experienced coaches, with pupils ranging from beginners to masters. Therefore they are ideally... read more
H.O.T. Chess
Highly Original Thinking is Paul Motwani's description of the approach he advocates for chess thinking. He explains how, using this concept, the player is able to come to a more useful, objective assessment of positions, and even seize upon the opponent's psychological weaknesses. This book contains annotated games, with descriptions of thought processes used to illustrate this approach to chess... read more
This book is perfect if you have learned the basics and are ready to take your game to the next level and start winning games.  Over 100 diagrams show how to exploit the strengths of each piece and defend against their weaknesses.  You’ll also learn tactical moves to capture pieces and checkmate opponents.
A book on the records, from the trivial to monumental, set in the chess world.  From the most successful and unsuccessful chess players in history to which player thought for longest over a single move, everything is included here.  This amusing, entertaining, and often astounding guide is a must for all chess players and is packed with entertaining facts and figures, annotated games and... read more
The Queen of Katwe
A Story of life, chess, and one extraordinary girl's dream of becoming a Grandmaster.  This book inspired the award winning 2016 film and is the true story of a female prodigy from the Ugandan slum of Katwe.  By the age of 11, Phiona Mutesi was Uganda's junior champion, at 15 she was national champion and then continued to chase her dreams.  
Understanding Chess Move by Move
John Nunn is one of the most highly regarded chess writers in the world. He has carefully selected thirty modern games to help the reader understand the most important aspects of chess and to illustrate modern chess principles in action. Virtually every move is explained using words that everyone can understand.  Almost all examples are taken from the 1990s and show how key ideas are handled by... read more