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GM Edmar Mednis has produced another fine study of endgames. Following his series of basic endgames with various sets of material, he now has approached those endgames which require significant knowledge to achieve expert and master results. It is not sufficient to simply know that certain endgames are "theoretically" drawn, your opponent may well ask you to demonstrate your skill in the position... read more
This is an endgame manual with a difference. As soon as a topic has been introduced and a few basic ideas discussed, you are immediately invited to immerse yourself in the subject by solving a series of relevant positions. The solutions to these positions feature a wealth of practical advice and further discussion of endgame principles and the key theoretical points. All the main types of... read more
Endgame Challenge
This book by John Hall offers a fun and dynamic approach to rapid improvement in endgame skill.  Everything the chess players needs to know about endgames will be found in this book, it contains over 450 examples of all types of endings that the player might encounter.  Repetition is the key to learning these endings and by the time you have been through all the examples you will know more about... read more