Chess training - The ABC of endgames


Realizing the necessity of making yourself familiar with endgames, you will soon be confronted with a problem: where to start and where to finish? There is an abundance of material and in reference books like the Cheron or Averbahk, the real basic endings are hard to find among the many exceptional positions. But who tells you what is a must-know and what is only special knowledge for professionals? The answer is: the "ABC of Endgames". With a total number of 176 treated endgames, the material on the CD is definitely manageable. Besides, 29 examples are pointed out studying which is considered as indispensable. Whether "Lucena-positions", "impotent couple" or practical hints for the surprisingly frequent endgame "rook + bishop vs. rook" - all these standard examples are including in the small survey. And for those wishing to deepen their knowledge even more, there are database texts introducing the respective type of endgame with the possibility to immediately call up the relevant examples.

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