Chess training - Right decisions


Make the Right Decision and Improve your chess game. The pair of authors Aagaard/Lund have an important piece of advice for the up and coming player. That is to improve ones ability to calculate and the power of ones imagination by solving demanding exercises. They offer the material needed for such a task in their CD in the classic ChessBase format, which is appearing in parallel to their book (Excelling at chess calculation), but with a greater number of exercises. Five databases provide the keen learner with an enormous amount of material. The number of training questions alone comes to approx. 4000! These are accompanied by valuable remarks and commentaries and also 30 positions taken from games, positions which are marvellously suited to being played out against a chess program such as Fritz8. The individual databases are:

  • Exercises to help you spot opportunities (200 positions)
  • Positions for calculation (89 positions)
  • Endgame studies (200 studies)
  • Pawn endings (75 pawn endings taken from games)
  • Positions for playing out (30 positions you can play out against Friz8).

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