Chess training - Killer moves


If you occupy yourself with chess – i.e. study games, variations, endgames etc. – you store a lot of pictures in your memory, consciously or subconsciously. The more of these you can retrieve during a game, the better you play. Of course, there are also a number of additional factors determining the successful realization of this theory in practice. Still, the learning of pictures and motifs is the essential thing for having success in chess. And the most effective method of doing this is to study tactical positions and combinatory motifs. George Renko, mathematician and chess trainer, has compiled a huge number of tactical sample positions. After the main course – his CD “Intensive Course Tactics” – the author now serves the desert “Killer Moves” – multipurpose moves usually forcing an immediate decision. The nine databases are split up according to difficulty and contain about 1.600 tasks, partially composed, partially taken from practical games. During this training course the author doesn’t dwell on lengthy explanations – according to the motto “one picture says more than a thousand words”.

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