Chess Squad Academy

Chess Squad is an exciting new online platform, which contains many fun and challenging features to keep your children entertained for hours!  You can collect points by winning games, completing tasks and exercises, and by solving the multitude of puzzles on offer.

SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICE! $40 for 12-month subscription (regular price $79.95) 


Here are some of the features:

  • Play LIVE Match - challenge someone to a game from your school, or another school
  • Play against the computer and work your way up through 10 levels of increasing difficulty
  • Checkmate Megahero - practice checkmate in 1 or 2 puzzles untimed, or race against the clock to earn your place on the leaderboard
  • Chessie's Challenge - train in basic skills and fundemental checkmate patterns, then complete the tasks to unlock more difficult ones
  • Play Like a Grandmaster - guess the move and see if you can emulate famous Masters
  • Legends - Study the games of famous prodigies and World Champions like Magnus Carlsen
  • Tactics Dojo - sharpen your tactical skills by solving hundreds of puzzles based into themes, such as Fork, Pin, Skewer and many more
  • Game Results - review your past games to learn from your mistakes, and improve
  • Leaderboards - check out the individual and school highest scores
  • Lessons - watch introductory cartoon videos on chess topics such as Stalemate, Scholar's Mate and The Legal Mate
  • Brain Games - fun bonus games to entertain and stimulate the brain!

The website is very simple to use, as well as being completely child-safe - there are no chat features possible.
Here is the website: with an example image here, displaying the features above.


 If you would like to join Chess Squad, please click here to visit our online shop.